Desirée Iyama is a Nigerian womenswear brand founded by the eponymous designer Desirée Iyama. Born from the search for the satisfaction of a woman that sees fashion as a vital expression of her everyday life, the brand offers contemporary clothing with bold yet romantic silhouettes and edgy yet fluid designs. Each piece is made in our Lagos studio, hand cut by Desirée and sewn together by two in-house seamstresses.

Our studio offers you the possibility of creating a made-to-measure and personalised piece for any occasion. Our collections revolve around a tender yet timeless aesthetic and are designed to be feminine, fun, and functional for every woman.

We promote the idea of ‘slow fashion’ through our ethics and aim to contribute to the circular economy. Fabrics are locally sourced from our suppliers and of limited quantities. All garments are handmade to order in limited quantities, no garment is pre-made. Leftover pieces are used to make accessories such as face masks, headbands, scarves, and scrunchies.

Growing up in a creative household with the designer’s mother as a Fashion Designer and late grandmother as a Seamstress, She acquired a number of skills including sketching, pattern cutting, sewing, creative direction, visual merchandising and designing from a young age. In July 2016, She  officially launched my brand ‘Desirée Iyama’ however, after 17 months of running the business, She embarked on a two-year break to gather knowledge on the business of fashion by enrolling in a Masters course. During the two-year break, the designer took time to rediscover her tenderness and find her resilience which led to the rebranding, revitalising, repositioning and relaunching of ‘Desirée Iyama’ in July 2020.



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